Pork Tenderloin Spice Rub

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Pork tenderloin is an inexpensive, tender, and flavorful cut of meat. Making it an easy choice for most home cooks.

Out spice blend is a mix of garlic & onion powder, smoked paprika, oregano, chili powder & cocoa...

Mixed together, this easy home made blend adds deep flavor while utilizing ingredients you may already have at home!

Season your pork with kosher salt & fresh ground pepper before adding your spices.

In a heavy bottom pan, sear your pork tenderloins in olive oil...

Searing each side until deep golden browned in color to create an amazing layer of flavor!

Move to a 350 degree oven or smoker until you reach an internal temperature of  145 degrees.

Slice and serve! It's that easy. A juicy, mouth watering dinner is so close you can almost taste it!

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